Be Advised: Class Cancellations in November 2015

There will not be classes Wednesday, Nov. 25, Friday, Nov. 27, and Sunday, Nov. 29. Classes will resume the following Wednesday.


If you understand there is no way to say it, then, you should understand how to say it, because in the beginning was the word. Zen is the way to eradicate confusion, not a way to teach.

Dhyan (Zen, Ch'an, Seon) is directly pointing to the human mind, seeing true nature, becoming enlightened, and saving all beings from the suffering of life and death. Because sentient beings are numberless, we vow to save them all. Because of fire, the fire phoenix flies.  

Our Sangha offers meditation, dharma talks, public cross examination, retreats, events and private interviews with the Zen Master to polish the Dharma Excalibur, which uses eternal truth freely in daily affairs without biting the fruit of good and evil in any single moment.

The World Zen Fellowship has mind transmission centers in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC metropolitan area (The Potomac Zen Sangha), New York City, (Patriarchal Zen Society), Albuquerque, (Albuquerque Zen Sangha), Denver, Colorado (Colorado Zen Center), in the Maryland suburbs near BWI Airport (Baltimore Zen Center), Cyber Zen Centers and Buddha's Mind Seal Zen Center in Korea.

Attain pure and harmonious enlightenment as transmitted by the world's great sages and share true love and compassion with all human beings through clear Lineage Zen Practice.

Lineage Zen is a special transmission of the "Living Word", or "Logos", outside doctrinal teachings and concepts, which has been reexamined and polished by lineage masters for over 2,500 years and will continue for untold generations.

Ven. Zen Master Pohwa Sunim founded the World Zen Fellowship in the United States in 1994 to share the "Living Word", which had been lost in most of the world, even though it is the core message of all great sages on this planet.

Although ancient Buddha passed on a long time ago, grasses still grow in the Garden of Eden.

Come as you are and practice Zen.

Sunim's Dharma Talk

Please feel free to participate in a private Koan (Hwa-Du) interview and Dharma exchange with Master Pohwa at 9:10PM on Fridays in Alexandria, VA. For details click on (The Potomac Zen Sangha)" and read about "Deep Zen Night".

See some of Master Pohwa's Dharma talks at You Tube .