Spring 2018 Southern Virginia Retreat

Note the new dates of the retreat.

Wednesday, April 15, 2018, to Friday, May 15, 2018

Email Tom Kreutzer to sign up.

View out back
View out back of house

Dear Friends,

A 30 day retreat with a true Zen Master is a rare treasure.

Zen Master Pohwa, Sunim will be leading a 30 day retreat in Clarksville, Virginia (south central VA) from April 15 until May 15, 2018. Please mark your calendars if you are interested. It will be possible to attend for a few days or all 30, but more is always better because the power of a retreat is cumulative.

The sitting meditation periods will be 40 minutes followed by a 10 minute walking meditation. The tentative schedule will be:

5:00 AM wake up bell
5:30-7:00 sit two periods
7:00-9:00 breakfast
9:00-11:20 sit three periods
11:30-1:00 lunch
1:00-4:00 rest & free time or optional work period (emphasis on optional)
4:00-5:30 sit two periods
5:30-7:30 dinner
7:30-9:00 sit two periods
9:00 bed

Master Pohwa will give daily koan interviews to those who wish to have them. You can find the first koan here: Mt. Sumeru.

He will often alter the afternoon schedule and take everyone on a hike and have meditation outside. In addition to his Tuesday night Dharma Talks Master Pohwa may give talks during a meditation period.

For those of you who have been on previous lake retreats, take heart. We have a new lake house that has 2-1/2 baths instead of one.

Front of house
Front of house

Living room
Living room

The suggested donation for groceries, toilet paper, electricity, etc. is $5.00/day for students and up to $25/day for big spenders.

Although we will have a few extra meditation cushions, if you have your own please bring them. We have seven extra beds and a lot of floor space so you should plan on bringing an air mattress and a sleeping bag just in case we fill up. Also please bring a towel and wash cloth. There is a washer and dryer at the house which you will be free to use. If you prefer to sit in a chair we will have plenty.

If you plan on attending, please let me know on which dates you will be there.

Master Pohwa is a wonderful, welcoming and powerful teacher. Take hold of your life and attend. I assure you that it will be worthwhile.

- Tom Kreutzer