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The World Zen Fellowship, Potomac Zen Sangha, Baltimore Zen Center, Colorado Zen Center and Patriarchal Zen Society are open to everyone.

Thousand Hands Buddha
Thousand Hands Buddha

We are a non-profit organization supported entirely by donations. Our purpose is to awaken each and everyone's higher nature and to share compassion with the community.

Please help us offer a refuge for meditation and teaching. Your donations go towards maintaining the Sangha and offering services to the community.

For Sunim's personal expenses:

MEMBERSHIP LEVELS (for students it's half these amounts)

If you choose not to donate by credit card using the above donation button, you may send your tax deductible donations to:

World Zen Fellowship
11955 Governors Court
Woodbridge, VA 22192

Make your checks payable to the World Zen Fellowship OR email your name, address and donation amount to, and we will send you an invoice.

There is no minimum and all donations are appreciated. We understand that not everyone is able to help out with the full membership amount. Other ways to contribute include volunteering and, most importantly, sincere practicing.